Are you considering a bathroom renovation?

There is plenty to think about before you begin, from budget and timeframe, to design and so much more.

At Seaview Plumbing we want to help you understand the renovation process so we’ve put together the key information you’ll need to know before you start renovating your bathroom.

Here’s our top tips to consider before you start your next bathroom renovation:


It seems to be the most obvious consideration, but the budget can often be overlooked. When deciding to upgrade or renovate your bathroom your budget – if relevant – should be communicated to not only your plumber, but to all trades involved.

At Seaview Plumbing, we can work with you to ensure you stay within your budget requirements by providing cost effective solutions for your renovations.

When planning your renovation, think about your ‘MUST haves’ and your ‘I would like to haves’.

  • Is a heated towel rack a must, or a nice to have depending on your budget?
  • Under floor heating – we all want it, but do you really need it?
  • Will the tiling go all the way to the ceiling or only part way up the wall?
  • Do you need an exhaust fan or heater light installed/replaced?

These decisions will affect your budget and should be considered in the initial planning process.



All renovations take time and depending on the extent of the refurbishment, the bathroom renovation time will vary. Ensure you are prepared to have zero access to your bathroom for a period of time.

Perhaps the most important time consideration to make is; do you have access to a second bathroom or toilet that can be used whilst refurbishments are completed? If not, have you thought about what you will do? Hiring a portable bathroom or toilet in this case can be an effective solution.

The state of your current plumbing:

While we can see the physical wear and tear of our shower screen or chipped tiles, it’s the piping below that often goes unnoticed. Do the pipes need to be repaired or replaced? The age and material of your pipes will affect the cost and time of your bathroom repairs. Make sure all of this is considered when you are getting the initial quote to avoid any hidden surprises.

Equally, does your underfloor or hot and cold piping need replacing?

Bathroom Design:

Ask yourself; do you know what you really want?

  • Do you have a look and feel in mind?
  • Do you want a modern bathroom or a vintage powder room?
  • Do you know what tiles you want to use, what vanity, what tapware, or are you looking for some advice?
  • Are you looking to just upgrade your appliances or go through a complete bathroom redesign?

If your bathroom repairs involve altering the layout, the location of the pipework will need to be considered, as moving this will come at a higher cost.

The same can apply if you are replacing old for new – different toilets have different connections. To deal with this in a cost effective manner, ensure the connections for the new toilet match that of the old.

Our years of experience mean we can provide you with expert advice on how to make your bathroom more functional, and make the most of the space provided.


Hot Water:

Have you considered if your current hot water unit suits your needs? Is it compatible for your tap ware? E.g. if you have a low-pressure hot water system it will not suit most mixer taps. For optimal use, ensuring your hot water system is suited to your chosen tap ware is essential.

Likewise, if you’ve been thinking about switching from electric to gas,  during your bathroom renovation would be the perfect time to make this change.

Other things to consider:

There are a number of other elements that you may need to consider:

  • Electrical– Do you need to move or install extra power points?
  • Shower screens– Do you want framed or frameless?
  • Mirrors– Do you want a mirror, or a mirror cabinet? What size will suit your design?
  • Small Children– have you thought about temperature controlled hot water systems?

These are just a few of the things you will need to consider when planning to renovate.

At Seaview Plumbing we are here to work with you throughout the renovation process, from start to finish. We’re ready to answer questions and provide any advice to ensure you get the best result!

If you would like to know more about how we can assist with your bathroom renovations or repairs, contact us today.


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