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How you can save money with a few simple plumbing tips

Now more than ever homeowners are looking for ways to save a couple of dollars here and there. We’ve put together some tips that will help save you money! Maintenance now will mean less spend later!  Fix leaks ASAP! There are some appliances and equipment that experience stress during regular use, which can result in leaks. As annoying as a leaky bathroom tap can be, most people tend to put …Read More

Three top tips to reduce your water bill!

As the cost of utilities continues to rise in Australia, with some of the most unpredictable rainfalls of anywhere in the world, we know that a commitment to saving water is also a commitment to saving money. Ensure your hot water system is working efficiently As hot water systems begin to get older, efficiency goes down the drain. Formed leaks and sub-heated water increase the overall usage of one of …Read More

How to try and unblock a drain

While there are ways to maintain and prevent blocked drains, it’s not always possible to keep them clear. Before giving Seaview Plumbing a call, here are some steps to try and unblock a drain.  Pour boiling water down your drain Boiling water running through the drain can help to melt some of the build-up. Pour it slowly in a few stages to give it time to work between each pour. …Read More

How to prevent a blocked drain

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to blocked drains. Given the type of problems we get called out to fix, it also seems that there is some confusion around what can and can’t be washed down your drain. Without regular drain maintenance and cleaning, your pipes can end up blocked, causing all sorts of problems (and money!). What can you do to avoid your drains blocking? Don’t wash food …Read More

Don’t let your hot water spring a surprise on you! The 5 signs your hot water system needs a service.

Waking up to a cold shower or putting the kids to bed without a warm bath is never fun. There are some signs however, that you can look out for which can pre-empt a future hot water system breakdown. Seeing the signs of hot water failure means you can: Save money – repair / restore / maintain before it breaks completely Be prepared – have a smooth transition between different …Read More

How to not invite your plumber over for Christmas!

The festive season is the most exciting time of the year – but sometimes it can prove to also be the most stressful! We put ourselves under extra strain and pressure – especially when entertaining – and the same is true for our homes. Having your home clean and in working order is a priority – especially if you are entertaining guests during this time. To ease the stress and …Read More

Your Spring Clean Checklist should include Plumbing!

Warmer weather and longer days are on the way! Whilst you are planning your Spring cleaning and gardening for this time of year, you should also include a check-up of your household plumbing. Don’t wait for an issue to arise, regular maintenance can save you stress, time and money. Here are our 4 top Spring Plumbing checks that you need to do now! 1. Check Your Hot Water System It’s …Read More

Catch the problem early – tree roots blocking pipes

Are your tree roots blocking your pipes? Trees in outdoor spaces of your home can provide shade and enhance the natural beauty and value of your home. However, tree roots can sometimes grow into your pipelines causing major, expensive plumbing issues. Some signs that a tree root might be blocking your pipes are: Abnormally growing trees – If a tree seems to be growing more quickly or seems greener compared …Read More

Keeping warm and safe, just in time for winter!

Will you and your family be safe to hibernate on the couch this winter? When was the last time you had your gas heater serviced? Routine maintenance can not only significantly increase effectiveness (therefore cost), but it can also ensure the safety of your heater. We recommend a once yearly service for your gas heater – and now is a great time to book in, as we head into Winter. …Read More

Keep yourself out of hot water this winter!

Have you ever found yourself in hot water? Maybe you forgot your mother-in-law’s birthday, or slept through your alarm and missed a meeting? When it comes to your home gas hot water service, you don’t want to take any chances. If anything should happen, you’ll really be in hot water with your family – especially during winter time! What worse punishment than your teenager screaming the house down when the …Read More