What exactly is a plumbing emergency? And when should you call a professional plumber? 

Plumbing issues often happen due to old pipes, lack of maintenance, and even past plumbing mistakes coming back to haunt you! While it may be tempting to try and fix plumbing issues yourself, this could make the problem much worse. Don’t watch your money literally go down the drain

At Seaview Plumbing, we believe in providing reliable plumbing service without breaking the bank. So here are five scenarios when you should call Seaview Plumbing for any emergency plumbing in Adelaide.

1.   Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is caused by the high pressure inside the pipe that becomes too much to hold, causing it to burst or explode. Usually, old pipes are more prone to bursting as they deteriorate over time. However, new pipes that are flawed or have not been installed properly can also explode.

Burst pipes can flood your home and damage your belongings. Hence, it’s good practice to check and maintain your pipes regularly. If you notice a change in water pressure or damp marks on your walls, ceilings or floors, this is a sure sign that you have a plumbing emergency. You can call on us for emergency plumbing in Adelaide – Call Seaview Plumbing as soon as possible.

2.   Water Dripping

Water leaks are another common plumbing emergency. While it may not be so evident as a burst pipe, it could cause water waste and increase your water bill without you even knowing it! SA Water has a great web page on checking for water leaks in your home, and it’s essential to get Seaview Plumbing to inspect it once the leak is confirmed.

If you suspect you have a water leak, don’t delay calling our professional plumbers for assistance. Our emergency plumbers in Adelaide can help with any water leak issue you might have.

3.   Home is Flooded

Plumbing issues, such as blocked drains and toilets, can lead to severe home flooding. If you notice excess water in your home, it’s crucial to call an emergency plumber as quickly as possible. 

Home flooding does not only affect the foundation, doors, and floorings, but also the electrical systems, which is a big safety hazard. In the event of flooding, you should also turn off the water at the main valve and switch off all electricity at home.

4.   Sewage Backup

Sewage backup happens more often than you think, and as you can imagine, it can be an unpleasant experience for any homeowner. It occurs when there is rain or a clog in the sewage system, which causes water to be pushed back out from drains, showerheads, and toilets. To prevent this from happening, do not flush down bulky and big items down the toilet, as it can clog up the pipes and sewage system. You should also never wash cooking oil down the skin, as this can cause major clogging.

This is a plumbing emergency. Get in contact with Seaview Plumbing immediately should you need any assistance with sewage issues.

5.   Gas Leak

A gas leak is another serious plumbing emergency that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be caused by an ageing gas pipe or gas line, which causes the gas to escape into the home. It’s deemed a severe fire hazard and should not be taken lightly. If you smell gas in your home, keep your home ventilated and try to find the source of the leak. You should also switch off the gas in your home immediately and call Seaview Plumbing for gas service assistance.

Emergency plumbing issues can be avoided by properly maintaining your pipes and gas lines. Contact us today for all your emergency plumbing, general plumbing, and gas servicing needs.