Ask a drain cleaning expert: How do I know if I need my drain cleaned?


We get a lot of calls from customers who have a toilet or sink that is overflowing or that is totally blocked and unusable due to a blocked drain. It’s particularly distressing when these situations happen late at night or on a weekend.

What’s frustrating is knowing that this could have been avoided if warning signs had been noticed and we had been called before it became an emergency plumbing situation and more costly to fix.


The warning signs of a blocked drain

Noises or sounds: You’ll know you need your drain cleaned when you hear funny sounds such as gurgling. This is the sound of water that is struggling to drain freely.

Toilet water levels: The water in the toilet may look lower than usual or might be slow to drain. It may rise up and look like it could flow over, then very slowly drain back down, but to a lower level.

Slow draining water: This can be seen in the sink, shower and bathtub. The water builds up and accumulates over the drain before slowly draining away. This could be a build up from soap scum, toothpaste, hair and products that clump together causing a blockage.

Bad smell: Over time the residue causing the block naturally begins to decompose, the water becomes stagnant and causes a terrible smell that comes out of the drain or toilet. This is one sign you won’t be able to ignore!

It might be tempting to ‘deal with it later’ but our advice is to get a professional drain cleaner to look at the situation as soon as you notice something wrong.


The Seaview Plumbing drain cleaning method

We use an electric drain cleaner, or for more difficult blockages we will Hydro Jet your blocked drains. Sometimes a build-up of mud and sludge just needs to be blasted away, but we can also clear pipes blocked with debris or tree roots. Hydro Jet can reach blockages that a standard electronic drain cleaner can’t get to, giving your pipes a deep clean!

If you notice any of the above signs, you probably need your drain cleaned by a professional plumber. Seaview Plumbing are experienced in drain cleaning. We look at the issue and with the tools we can get the job done quickly.

Seaview Plumbing are your local drain cleaning experts. Call us if you think you need your drain cleaned and we will come out to assess the situation and provide the best solution for your blocked drains, with great friendly and reliable service.

Call the Seaview Plumbing team today on 1300 634 308 to have your drains looked at.