Before giving us a call, here are some steps to try and unblock a drain. While there are ways to maintain and prevent blocked drains, it’s not always possible to keep them clear.

Pour boiling water down your drain

Boiling water running through the drain can help to melt some of the build-up.

  • Pour it slowly in a few stages to give it time to work between each pour.
  • Mix in 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup bi-carb soda, and 1 cup vinegar for a natural solution that adds some natural enzymes to help break down the blockage.

This will only work on smaller blockages and is best used as a preventative measure.

Try a trusty plunger

It seems like an old-fashioned choice, but for smaller blockages, a plunger might be all you need. Forcing water through the pipe is sometimes enough to clear the clog and allow water to get through. You should still consider using a drain cleaner at this stage to make sure the blockage is completely removed.

Use store-bought chemical substances

Most hardware stores will stock a variety of chemical drain cleaners that can dissolve hair, soap scum and organic waste. These products can be highly dangerous and bad for our environment, so make sure you read all the directions carefully before using them. You can get serious chemical burns from these products so please be careful, use the proper safety equipment and store safely away from children’s reach!

Clean the U-Bend

And finally, for the advanced DIY-er. Grease and oil often clog the pipes before they get too far into your system, therefore clearing the U-shaped pipe under your sink might do the trick.

  1. Put a bucket underneath the u-bend trap to collect any spillages, then loosen the slip nuts at both ends of the pipe.
  2. Once removed, empty the contents into your bucket and give the inside a good scrub with a brush.
  3. After you’ve given the pipe a rinse, reattach it, making sure the nuts are tightened to prevent leaks.

If your blocked drain is something more serious, the professionals from Seaview Plumbing have the tools and experience needed to fix the problem efficiently and effectively. We offer prompt and reliable service, to make sure your pipes are clean and clear again.

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