At Seaview Plumbing bathroom renos are one of our specialties! If you are looking for plumbing assistance with your bathroom or laundry renovation, or advice then  look no further, because from start to finish, we can assist you in achieving your dream bathroom or laundry.

We’ve completed a number of bathroom renovation jobs so far this year, and we can’t wait to do more!

At Seaview, we pride ourselves on finding solutions, not compromises. Working with a small space doesn’t always mean you need to compromise on your design and functionality. We’ll work with you to design your dream bathroom or laundry in your home, no matter the size of the project.

Just how can Seaview help you?

We can assist with just about anything in the renovation process, but here are just a few of our main talents:

  • Initial designs and product recommendations
  • Budgeting
  • Installation of bathrooms and laundries
  • Bathroom Repairs
  • Re-tiling bathrooms
  • Re-tiling laundries
  • Recommending and installing new fixtures/fittings
  • Hot water system installation
  • Pipe repair/installation

So if all of this talk about bathroom and laundry renovations has got you thinking, contact Seaview Plumbing today to discuss how we can help you!