Warmer weather and longer days are on the way! Whilst you are planning your Spring cleaning and gardening for this time of year, you should also include a check-up of your household plumbing. Don’t wait for an issue to arise, regular maintenance can save you stress, time and money.

Here are our 4 top Spring Plumbing checks that you need to do now!

1. Check Your Hot Water System

It’s time to check in on your hard-working hot water system. Most likely it has been working overtime this Winter. If you notice that it is taking longer to heat up or not upholding the overall water temperature, most likely it could do with a service. A hot water system should be serviced every couple of years to ensure it’s functioning correctly and, importantly, prolong its lifespan.

Problems with hot water do not always mean you need your system replaced, however if this is the case there are different options to consider. Click here >

2. Check for Leaks

From icy nights to warm days, Adelaide’s weather changes about as often as you change your underwear. Extreme temperature changes can be harmful to pipes as the expansion and contraction in response to temperature changes can causes cracks, leaks and could lead to burst pipes. Visually scan all pipes inside AND outside of your house. 

3. Check Your Drains

Heavy Winter downpours can cause clogging and temporary flooding which could destruct your property. Additionally, wastewater backup can cause serious sanitation issues that could harm your family’s health. Common signs of clogged or collapsed pipes are flooding or swampy areas surrounding your home. Another sign is slow draining of sinks, bathtubs and toilets.

4. Check Your Roof and Gutters

Although the trees lost their leaves in autumn, the wild winter winds have been blocking drains all around Adelaide. With warmer weather on the way, it’s important to make sure your roof and gutters are clear of debris to allow for proper drainage and fire prevention.

If you have any problems arise whilst doing your Spring cleaning or you’d like us to assist you with maintenance, give Seaview Plumbing a call, email us here: or message us on Facebook here.