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Keeping warm and safe, just in time for winter!

Will you and your family be safe to hibernate on the couch this winter?

When was the last time you had your gas heater serviced? Routine maintenance can not only significantly increase effectiveness (therefore cost), but it can also ensure the safety of your heater. We recommend a once yearly service for your gas heater – and now is a great time to book in, as we head into Winter.

Our gas heater service will assist in finding any issues that could become a serious and costly problem if left unattended. A gas heater that has been untouched, incorrectly installed or poorly ventilated could potentially leak Carbon Monoxide (CO). Unfortunately, the warning signs do not come from the heater itself but from the people living in the house. The most common signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, dizziness, weakness, confusion and nausea.

Do not ignore it, if you suspect a leak or smell gas, turn off your gas heater immediately and call Seaview Plumbing. We will thoroughly check your gas pipework for leaks and service appropriate mechanisms.

Prevent problems, increase efficiency and make sure ‘service gas heater’ is at the top of your to do list this week (yes, above your Netflix!).

If you’re looking to upgrade rather than maintain, thanks to Australian Gas Networks you may be eligible to a rebate that can save you some serious $$. Click here on how to save money with an upgrade.

Keep your family safe and contact Seaview Plumbing to schedule your service with a qualified professional: