Unless you’ve been living in an igloo, you’ve probably realised it’s summertime in Adelaide!

At this time of the year, water is at a premium. Long, dry spells take their toll on our gardens, despite the best efforts of keen gardeners (and their hard working sprinklers) across the city to keep their landscapes looking fresh.

When the garden cries out in need of more water, we know that usually means a major hike in our water bills. But there are ways to minimise your water bill – not just for summer but in the long term.

Here are five of our best tips to avoid excessive water bills!

1. Repair dripping taps

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, a dripping tap can waste many litres of water per day and cost you more than you’d like in water bills. Often this can be a quick fix, not requiring major plumbing work like most people think. Once you notice a dripping tap in your home, get onto it straight away or call us and we’ll give you a hand.

2. Check for leaks in your pipework

You may have a leak in your pipes, but not be able to see it. The best way to check is to take reading of your water meter, and then refrain from using water for one or two hours. If the meter reading increases, it’s likely you have a leak. That’s when you’ll need to call for expert reinforcements.

3. Check toilet cistern for leaks

Don’t let your toilet waste water unnecessarily. Checking for a leak in the cistern is easy! Just add some food colouring to the cistern (this is one of our favourite hacks). If the colour flows into the toilet bowl without flushing, there is a leak that will need to be fixed.

4. Avoid toilet blockages

Sometimes we’re tempted to flush non-human waste down the toilet. This can encourage blockages to form, causing the toilet to run inefficiently and use excess water to complete a full flush. So think twice next time you’re tempted to dump a cotton bud, wet wipe or cigarette butt into the bowl. The same general rules apply if you want to avoid blocked drains.

5. Deal with your plumbing emergency straight away

Don’t let a small emergency become a major catastrophe this summer. If you notice any water issues, such as a burst pipe or major blockage, give us a call – we have staff on hand 24/7, including public holidays. Access our emergency plumbing service before you lose more than just a little bit of water!

Overall, most jobs can be fixed with just a small amount of effort. But for any problems that are difficult to diagnose, or when major work is required, trust a qualified professional from Seaview Plumbing. We can provide expert advice and know-how, to fix it right the first time! Contact us at any time!