Welcome to summertime in Adelaide! As temperatures rise, so does the demand for water. While many dedicated gardeners strive to keep their landscapes lush, the inevitable result often involves a spike in water bills. Fear not! We’ve got five tips to help you keep those bills in check, not just for summer but year-round.

1. Fix dripping taps

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, a dripping tap can be a silent water waster. Those seemingly minor droplets can add up to significant water loss and a hefty bill. Fortunately, fixing a dripping tap is often a straightforward task. If you spot one, address it promptly or give us a call for a quick resolution.

2. Inspect Pipework for Leaks

Hidden leaks in your pipes can be a silent culprit contributing to inflated water bills. Conduct a simple test by taking a reading of your water meter, then abstain from using water for an hour or two. If the meter reading increases, you likely have a leak. Call in the experts to tackle this stealthy water thief.

3. Check Toilet Cisterns for Leaks

Toilets are a common source of water wastage. A leak in the cistern can go unnoticed but significantly impact your bills. Try our favourite hack: add food colouring to the cistern. If the colour seeps into the toilet bowl without flushing, you’ve got a leak that needs fixing.

4. Prevent Toilet Blockages

Resist the temptation to flush non-biodegradable items down the toilet. Items like cotton buds, wet wipes, or cigarette butts can lead to blockages, causing inefficiencies and excessive water use. Thinking twice before flushing will help you avoid both blocked drains and unnecessary water expenses.

Don’t let a small emergency become a major catastrophe this summer. If you notice any water issues, such as a burst pipe or major blockage, give us a call. Access our emergency plumbing service before you lose more than just a little bit of water!

Overall, most jobs can be fixed with just a small amount of effort. But for any problems that are difficult to diagnose, or when major work is required, trust a qualified professional from Seaview Plumbing. We can provide expert advice and know-how, to fix it right the first time! Contact us at any time!