With plenty of rain on the way, don’t leave it too late to check your stormwater drains, sumps and downpipes for any blockages!

Regular maintenance on your drains and pipes will ensure any blockages are detected and avoided. If you do find a plumbing issue, we have a Hydro Jet with a camera to help diagnose and fix the problem.

We put the camera down the drain and find what’s causing the issue, and most of the time it’s as easy as sending a blast of high pressure water down to clear it out!

If you don’t think your blockage is quite worthy of our Hydro Jet, we have our handy electric drain cleaner that should easily do the job for you. Our camera locator is also great at showing us the more difficult blockages – tree roots are more common than you would think!

Our biggest tip this season though? Clear your gutters – it won’t take long, we promise! It’s far better than waiting until you find you have an issue.

Besides, it’s far better than waiting until you find you have an issue and have to call us out in the middle of your weekend.

Make sure you give your drains some love, sooner rather than later. Once the downpours begin, it’s a little too late.