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How to get a hot shower that stays hot

Whether you’ve been battling the elements at sports training or caught in the rain on the walk home, there’s nothing better than a long hot shower to warm you up.

There’s also nothing more frustrating than when the water takes forever to heat up, the kids are impatiently yelling about being “FREEEEEZING” and then when you do get the right temperature happening and it goes cold again…

First world problems, we know, but still, we’re here to help! And we’re all extremely grateful that we actually get to leave the house at the moment!

But back to the cold shower problem… There are a few reasons why the shower may take too long to heat up and why it doesn’t stay hot.

If your hot water service is a long distance from the shower, then the water needs to travel a long way through pipes and potentially loses heat on the way.  If you have recently purchased a new home with an extension or renovations, this is something to look out for.  The options for placement of the hot water service may have been more limited. In newer homes the proximity of appliances to the hot water service are generally considered as part of the original plans.

Another way your water can lose heat, is if the pipes that carry hot water from the hot water service are exposed to our cold outside temperatures. In winter, uninsulated pipes can be close to freezing on those cold Adelaide nights, and so your water may take a lot longer to come through hot as the pipes are so cold and take a long time to heat up.

There are safe insulation materials we can install to protect your pipes – and keep the water hot. Contact us to discuss your options and installation.

If your shower is going cold when other hot water is being turned on in the house, the hot water service you have may not be big enough to meet your needs. For example, if you want to run two showers at once, most homes will need an instant hot water service that is at least 20 litres minimum or a mains pressure storage hot water unit, but it also depends on the hot and cold inlet pipe sizing and gas pipe sizing for gas units.  Each home would have to be assessed.

Lastly, the problem may be with the hot water service itself. If the water just doesn’t heat up to the temperature you expect then, it’s time to have it inspected.

It could be a leaky valve or a more significant problem like a faulty element or thermostat etc. Most hot water systems will last around 10 – 15 years to even 20 years, but this is all dependant on the unit and assuming it has been serviced regularly. For some, it may be wise to replace a system after a shorter time – and this will be crucial if there are health risks at play.

Whatever the issue, Seaview Plumbing is here to help! So put a stop to freezing interruptions to your hot shower and call us today on 1300 634 308.