Having no hot water can be a real problem! Often, a broken hot water system can come out of the blue. Yet problems with your hot water system can sometimes be observed before it completely fails you, letting you know that your unit is broken.

A broken hot water system – or a hot water system about to break – can be diagnosed by some or all of the following symptoms or problems:

  • No hot water
  • Variations in water temperature – eg. shower keeps going hot and cold
  • The colour of the water is not clear, and there may be an odour
  • An unexpected noise coming from the system
  • Leaking hot water

What can you do? Before calling a plumber, you may want to check first:

Electric hot water: Check the fuse labelled ‘hot water’. Is the power on and is it plugged in correctly?

Gas hot water: Is there a problem with the gas line?

If you can’t solve the issue with the above – it’s time to call us. We’re happy to come out and have a look and won’t charge a call out fee.

There’s a chance that your hot water system is not broken – it may just need some maintenance. Regularly servicing your hot water system assists in prolonging the life of the system, and keeps it running efficiently (meaning you pay less in bills!).

Contact us today for your hot water system repairs, professional service and affordable pricing.