Now more than ever homeowners are looking for ways to save a couple of dollars here and there. We’ve put together some tips that will help save you money! Maintenance now will mean less spend later! 

  1. Fix leaks ASAP!

There are some appliances and equipment that experience stress during regular use, which can result in leaks. As annoying as a leaky bathroom tap can be, most people tend to put off plumbing leak repairs. When you repair leaks straight away it can save you money – not only on your water bill but you can avoid the higher cost of damage down the track such as pipe or tap replacement.

  1. Upgrade your toilet and plumbing fixtures

Newer toilets offer better performance in terms of water efficiency as well as updating your taps, bath spout and shower rose. All are WELS rated for water efficiency.  Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard is a labelling scheme initiated by the Australian Government to help Australian households conserve water and money. It may be an initial investment, but it will absorb the cost quickly with the amount you can save. Plus, you are doing good for the environment by using less water.

  1. Have your water pipes checked

Have your water pipes checked for soundness, meaning any leakages and pressure problems.  It can also identify issues with your plumbing that you are not aware of and may highlight why you have a higher water consumption than normal. If this is the case, a plumber can examine your pipe network and potentially recommend ways to lower readings. Most tapware and appliances are rated to 500 kPA.  If the pressure is higher than the maximum pressure rating for your appliance or tapware, this could void any warranty, and it could be as simple as installing a Pressure Limiting Valve.  Installing a PLV can also reduce or eliminate water hammer, which will help protect your appliances and tapware.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is your “insurance policy” against small plumbing issues that could turn into big emergencies.  An experienced plumber can catch small problems in and around your property before they turn into expensive home disasters.  Maintenance on hot water systems can make the systems themselves last longer. Maintenance on gas appliances can save money, plus check in on any gas leaks, looking after the health of your family. If you have a Gas Heater, servicing is extremely important, as a Flue leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning,

Join Seaview Plumbing’s maintenance program to improve your water use and lower the cost of your utilities bill. Give us a call, or email and we can give you a quote for a maintenance visit.

If you know you have ongoing problems with blocked drains, stay on top of the blockages and book in each year for a maintenance clean and save. Speak to Seaview Plumbing today!