As the cost of utilities continues to rise in Australia, with some of the most unpredictable rainfalls of anywhere in the world, we know that a commitment to saving water is also a commitment to saving money.

  1. Ensure your hot water system is working efficiently

As hot water systems begin to get older, efficiency goes down the drain.

Formed leaks and sub-heated water increase the overall usage of one of nature’s most precious resources. The installation of a new hot water system can increase the temperature, leading to less hot water being needed to make a comfortable shower. Solar hot water systems and gas hot water systems can also remove the high costs of electric water heaters, as one heats using sunlight whereas the other heats on demand, avoiding excessive electricity bills.

  1. Upgrade your plumbing fixtures

Plumbing fixtures can further save water. Aerators and flow restrictors can limit the amount of water wasted whilst still having a large enough footprint to do the job it needs to. Dual flush toilets have the option to use less water for small amounts of waste whilst still providing larger flush options for larger waste.

  1. Fix the leaking toilet – NOW

The average leaking toilet can lose between 30,000 litres and 70,000 litres EVERY water bill. The leaks aren’t always easy to see either. If you hear a hissing noise, or the pipes are making strange bumping sounds when the cistern is filling, this is a clear signal to get your toilet checked out.

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