It’s time to get serious! Think back: when was the last time you had your gas heater serviced?

Have you ever had it serviced? Have you had your gas hot water system checked lately? These are all important questions gas appliance users need to ask themselves for safety reasons.

We recently attended an emergency call out where a customer had an old space heater that had begun leaking gas. The customer had fallen asleep in the middle of the day, and awoke choking and coughing to find the room was full of gas.

The faulty unit was around 40-50 years old, and had not been regularly serviced; therefore the fault was not detected and the issue could not be prevented. The customer was extremely lucky to have woken when they did.

We were able to respond to their emergency plumbing call and remove the gas heater so no further risk was posed to the customer.

It is so important to regularly test your space heaters and gas hot water systems to avoid encountering gas leaks or other related problems in the future. 

It’s also important to get your gas appliances serviced and maintained, even if it’s not an emergency plumbing issue. Do you need more information on how to extend the life of your gas hot water system? Read our in depth blog here. Perhaps you don’t know how to tell if your gas hot water system is broken? Read our blog, and if you can’t solve the issue – it’s time to call us.

We’re happy to come out and have a look and won’t charge a call out fee. Contact us today for your hot water system repairs, professional service and affordable pricing.

At Seaview, we are able to respond to emergency plumbing call outs where we can check your gas pipework for leaks and service any appliances. 

Our vans are equipped with a wide range of parts, ensuring that if you need an emergency plumber, we will do our best to fix your problem immediately. If you smell gas or believe you may have a gas leak, do not wait – call us for assistance immediately. 

If you’re looking for an emergency plumber in Adelaide, contact us today. We’re here to help!