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Plumbing should be part of your spring clean!

Warmer weather and longer days are on the way! Whilst you are planning your Spring cleaning and gardening for this time of year, you should also include a check-up of your household plumbing. Don’t wait for an issue to arise, regular maintenance can save you stress, time and money. Here are our 4 top Spring Plumbing checks that you need to do now! 1. Check Your Hot Water System It’s …Read More

Catch the problem early – tree roots blocking pipes

Are your tree roots blocking your pipes? Trees in outdoor spaces of your home can provide shade and enhance the natural beauty and value of your home. However, tree roots can sometimes grow into your pipelines causing major, expensive plumbing issues. Some signs that a tree root might be causing blocked pipes are: Abnormally growing trees – If a tree seems to be growing more quickly or seems greener compared …Read More

Keeping warm and safe in winter!

Will you and your family be safe to hibernate on the couch this winter? When was the last time you had your gas heater serviced? Routine maintenance can not only significantly increase effectiveness (therefore cost), but it can also ensure the safety of your heater. We recommend a once yearly service for your gas heater – and now is a great time to book in, as we head into Winter. …Read More

Keep yourself out of hot water this winter!

Have you ever found yourself in hot water? Maybe you forgot your mother-in-law’s birthday, or slept through your alarm and missed a meeting? When it comes to your home gas hot water service, you don’t want to take any chances. If anything should happen, you’ll really be in hot water with your family – especially during winter time! What worse punishment than your teenager screaming the house down when the …Read More

How to save money on your water bill this summer – and beyond!

Unless you’ve been living in an igloo, you’ve probably realised it’s summertime in Adelaide! At this time of the year, water is at a premium. Long, dry spells take their toll on our gardens, despite the best efforts of keen gardeners (and their hard working sprinklers) across the city to keep their landscapes looking fresh. When the garden cries out in need of more water, we know that usually means …Read More

How to keep your kitchen sink and dishwasher, fuss-free!

Is your kitchen sink slow to drain? There’s a simple fix that you can do at home yourself! Simply boil your kettle and pour boiling water down the drain (you may need to do this a couple of times). This will help to clear away any grease or fat build up in your sink. Alternatively, run your hot water for a couple of minutes to break down the grease / …Read More

Spruce up your bathroom with a renovation this season!

Spring is the most popular time for home renovations, as we can see why! The weather is great and as plumbers, we would much rather working in sunshine than cold and rain. If you want to make a change to your bathroom, you could decide on some minor updates and consider new tap-ware, a new vanity or simply just a new coat of paint on the walls or tiles. Or, …Read More

Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club Open Day

Here at Seaview Plumbing, we love to support our local community! That’s why we sponsor organisations that we’re passionate about and share the same values as our family business. We have supported the Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club for more than five years, and this year is no different! With the weather turning on for the occasion, we were happy to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon at the open day …Read More

Why it’s important to regularly service your gas system.

It’s time to get serious! Think back: when was the last time you had your gas heater serviced? Have you ever had it serviced? Have you had your gas hot water system checked lately? These are all important questions gas appliance users need to ask themselves for safety reasons. We recently attended an emergency call out where a customer had an old space heater that had begun leaking gas. The …Read More

Beat the rain, check your drain!

With plenty of rain on the way, don’t leave it too late to check your stormwater drains, sumps and downpipes for any blockages! Regular maintenance on your drains and pipes will ensure any blockages are detected and avoided. If you do find a plumbing issue, we have a Hydro Jet with a camera to help diagnose and fix the problem. We put the camera down the drain and find what’s causing the issue, …Read More